The 2003 International Rexx Symposium

R E G I S T R A T I O N    F O R M

4 May - 7 May 2003

The Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina USA

Sponsored by the Rexx Language Association

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Symposium Registration Options

The Earlybird Rate applies to all fully paid registrations received by the RexxLA Treasurer on or before

7 April 2003

If using postal mail for payment, ensure you allow adequate time for delivery.

Full Symposium Registration
Includes conference sessions, proceedings, lunch each day, 1 attendee at the Symposium Banquet (Tuesday 6 May), and annual RexxLA membership
Individual Day Registration
Includes conference sessions, and lunch each day. Does not include conference proceedings, Symposium Banquet (Tuesday 6 May), or RexxLA membership
Earlybird Rate US$220
Normal Rate US$260
Monday 5 May Earlybird Rate US$78
Normal Rate US$88
Tuesday 6 May Earlybird Rate US$78
Normal Rate US$88
Wednesday 7 May Earlybird Rate US$78
Normal Rate US$88
additional Banquet Attendees Earlybird Rate US$50
Normal Rate US$60
Banquet Attendees Earlybird Rate US$50
Normal Rate US$60

RexxLA Membership Confidentiality Rules

The RexxLA membership list is CONFIDENTIAL .
The Rexx Symposium attendees list is available only to attendees.
Access to the RexxLA members discussion forum is limited to members only.
Mark this box if you DO NOT want access to the RexxLA members discussion forum.

Payment Methods

Please select your method of payment:
VISA or MasterCard Credit Card
Money Order drawn on US Bank
Personal Check drawn on US Bank

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Completing Your Rexx Symposium Registration

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For all other payment methods (including Credit Card payments NOT done online), please print the confirmation page and send it with your payment to RexxLA at the address on the confirmation page.

If you want a record of your registration, please print or save the confirmation page.

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